It’s much more than sparkles and pretty dresses.

It’s much more than sparkles and pretty dresses.

The job of a titleholder within the Miss America Organization (MAO) is comprised of much more than what meets the eye (yes, it’s a job).


Sisterhood Spotlight: MeKenzie Lund

I absolutely love getting to share Sisterhood Spotlight features with all of you. Whether you're involved with the Miss America Organization and know some of these incredibly young women or are skeptical about the program, the purpose of these posts is to shed light on the positive aspects and benefits the scholarship program creates. This [...]

Sisterhood Spotlight: Jennie Collins

Determined, energetic, and passionate are in my opinion, three fitting adjectives to describe Jennie Collins; she is the epitome of what this organization stands for. She was determined to represent her home town, is passionate about giving back to her community, and possesses an indescribable energy towards life. I was lucky enough to share my [...]