Holiday Gift Guide: Magnolia Hearth & Hand

If you’re a fan of Fixer Upper or know someone that is, this gift guide is ideal for your shopping needs. Their ‘Hearth & Hand’ line recently launched at Target and they have a number of affordable, cute home items that will make wonderful Christmas presents (either for yourself or someone else). Here are my favorites under $100:

Magnolia Gift Guide (1)



Two Words: Retro and Round

There she goes just a walkin’ down the street…(in) poms, chunky heels, and bright colors.  All trending spring fashion statements that are too fun and fabulous to pass up.  How can it get even better?  By adding a little spice to your wardrobe, 90’s spice that is.  Victoria Beckham, who will forever be seen as Posh Spice in my eyes has a clothing line out at Target and great news: it’s chic and affordable (cha-ching)!This bright orange, one shoulder scalloped dress is just one of the many incredibly eye-catching, work professional, and yet day or night time ready items in Victoria Beckham’s line.  It’s also has the scalloped edging that a number of her other dresses, rompers, and tops showcase.

Of course no outfit is ever complete with out the right pair of shoes.  I found these Franco Sarto sandals (one of my absolute FAVORITE shoe brands) at DSW in for $59.00, however, I am having difficulty locating them on their website so I’ve linked the same pair from Macy’s below (sorry they are more expensive there, but at least you know what you’re looking for).

Now let’s talk accessories!  I stumbled upon the “Pom Band Fedora” in Express and immediately fell in love.  It has the vibes and comfort of a classic summer fedora with the round, poms added just the right amount of extra flare necessary.

Last, but certainly not least the black and gold tassel earrings, versatile grey clutch (which comes with a long shoulder strap as well), and rounded ‘stop sign’ sunglasses were all conveniently purchased at Francesca’s.

Stay stylish my friends,