Shop Local, Shop Sweet

The prevelance of smaller boutique clothing stores in recent years is definitely something I can get onboard with. There were a handful I loved in La Crosse like Willow Boutique on Pearl Street, A&as Clothing Co. on Main Street in Downtown, and Apricot Lane in the Valley View Mall. If any Madison area residents reading this know of shops they love, please comment or email me, I would love to have an inside scoop before I move! One shop I frequent in my hometown of Wisconsin Rapids is Sweet Tea Clothing Co. located on 821 Pepper Ave. and if you haven’t stopped in yet, I highly recommend you check them out, like their Facebook page, and give them a follow on Instagram!

The well-known “Home” shirts have grown immensely in popularity in the past couple years. The best part about it is how soft and comfortably they are. It’s part of Home State Apparel which is available at Sweet Tea Clothing Boutique in Wisconsin Rapids. This hat is only $24 and comes in the grey (pictured) a washed out red and navy. Isn’t it cute?!Note, my oversized jean jacket is from Forever 21 and was snagged for less than $40! I’ve been wearing it constantly with everything and anything.This fab burnt orange sweater is a one size fits all from Sweet Tea. Since purchasing a couple weeks ago I’ve worn it a handful of times: dresses up for a cute casual outfit, dresses down with a jacket for errands, and I’ve even slept in it (yes, it’s that cozy). It’s only $49 and well worth it for the quality; not to mention how many times you’ll wear it this fall and winter! P.S. The “Have Faith” gold and pearl interchangeable bracelet is part of the Lenny & Eva collection available at the boutique as well. Have you seen this black tunic pop up on my @CamerasAndCoffee Instagram page? No surprise that it’s also from Sweet Tea! The hooded tunic is only $32. The stretchy material provides room for mobility and is extremely breathable fabric. (Pumpkin coffee mug is from Walmart).

These are just a few of my favorite items from the past couple of weeks! They have countless clothing items for Juniors and Misses, including boots and accessories. Check them out today, you won’t be disappointed!

Stay stylish and shop local my friends,



A Little Rocksbox Lovin’ 

Hey, YOU! Have you heard about Rocksbox? I’m about to give you a brief overview about just how awesome it is so spare me a few minutes, okay?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
My first Rocksbox! Sophie Harper crystal earrings, Kate Spade cuff, and Kendra Scott necklace.

Rocksbox is a $21 a month subscription that sends you three pieces of jewelry. From there, you can decide if you like the pieces or not. If you fall in love, you keep said item and alert them on your account and then pay for it. However, if you decide you don’t like one or two or perhaps all three of the jewelry pieces you simply put them back in the box and pop it back in the mail with the pre-paid shipping label. BOOM. So how do they decipher what to place into that box and send you? You create a “wish list” on your account by favoriting earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets that you like (they suggest that you add 30 or more on your first visit). They carry brands like Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, Sophie Harper, Ava Rose, and Perry Street.

Here are some of my favorites currently on  my wishlist…

Use the code “tiannavanderheixoxo” to get your first month completely free! Give it a try and let me know what you think. // SIGN UP HERE: Rocksbox

Stay stylish my friends,


Vest Season is Finally Here

I know many people swoon over the summer months and I don’t blame them, I love them too. But, my favorite time of year is right now. As the crisp air moves in, the humidity dissipates, and the leaves begin to change. There’s many reasons why I love fall…

  1. It’s the perfect ‘jeans and a baseball cap’ weather paired with a light jacket, vest, sweater, or sweatshirt (Lord knows you can never have too many oversized crewnecks).
  2. Football season is in full force, baseball season is coming to an end, and hockey season is beginning (can you say “trifecta).
  3. You can still sport sandals (most days) and for someone who is not a huge fan of socks, that’s a win. Plus, the transitional point of the year also allows you to break out boots and booties as well.
  4. There’s countless traditional activities and food items that I’ll dive more into detail about in a blog post later this week. Including: apple orchards, pumpkin everything (yes, I’m that basic girl), a solid excuse for increase coffee consumption, homemade applesauce and apple pie, pumpkin picking, and of course I can’t forget Halloween! The list goes on and on…
  5. Finally, there’s the style aspect of the season and probably my favorite element. With the cold weather comes a need to layer in order to stay warm and cozy, something I’m completely in favor of! I thoroughly enjoy oversized sweaters, long-sleeved tops, cable knit sweaters, and last, but certainly not least – vests.

Upon ‘going through’ my closet to find said sweaters and vests I came to the realization that I have a lot. I dare say “too many” because I’m not sure that’s possible, but I do know I have a slight obsession with outerwear and I strongly feel that living in Wisconsin justifies that obsession. I found this grey, floral vest at TJ Maxx in Plover a couple weeks ago and instantly fell in love. It’s Artisan NY brand and unfortunately I can’t seem to find it on TJ’s website or anywhere else online for that matter, but you may have luck if you go to the store and peruse through the racks.

Here are some of my favorites I stumbled upon while browsing online:


The classic, herringbone J.Crew look-a-like vest has been popular the past couple years and truthfully it’s one of those staple looks that is extremely versatile and transcendent as the years pass on.


One of my favorite vests that I own is my navy blue and gold vest from Francesca’s and guess what? They have the same ‘Sloane Quilted Snap Collar Puffer Vest’ available this season again for $44 — [SHOP HERE].

My brown NorthFace vest shown third from the bottom of my pile in the picture above is the ‘Women’s Aconcagua Down Vest.’ I received it as a Christmas present two years ago now and loved it so much I wore it out for a run in the freshly fallen snow that morning before getting ready for a family get together. It comes in a variety of colors, I found it on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website for you where it’s available in purple, garnet red, black, red and white for $99 [SHOP HERE].

Stay comfy and warm my friends,



10 Shoes You Need for Fall

My all time favorite thing to shop for, topping my adoration for purses and jackets is shoes.  While I know it’s easy to snag cheap, trendy shoes that are seasonal and throw them out once they’re worn through, it’s best to invest in staple, quality footwear.  And of course, you do need to splurge on some trendy items from time to time as well.  As I transition into fall, I always look at what the state of my ‘basic flats’ are and see if I need a new black or brown pair (that way I cover my bases with different wardrobe items).  It’s also important to do a little inventory on your boots and booties and see if you might need to shop around for a new pair or two.

The good news?  I’ve already browsed through TJ Maxx’s inventory and compiled my favorite shoes for you into one convenient location!  Be sure to keep your eye out for mules, suede and/or velvet flats, platform sneakers, and embroidery on shoes — all very ‘in’ as we transition seasons.  Here are my current favorites:


Step into Fall the right way my friends,


Blending into the Hottest Fall Trend

I’ve decided to mix it up a bit on today’s post and show you one of my favorite (recent) articles of clothing styled three ways.  I snagged this ‘Others Follow’ camouflage t-shirt dress at TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago and have practically been living in it ever since then.  It’s free flowing, extremely soft, and obviously, very comfortable.There’s always the option to wear the dress by itself with basic sandals // mine are Michael Kors from TJ Maxx.  Then there’s my favorite new item in my closet, my oversized jean jacket from Forever 21 bought for just $36!  I decided to pair my black Nikes for a more casual, sporty look.  However, I would also wear it with black booties and perhaps a black choker necklace.  The third style is with an oversized sweater from Express and brown booties, which is more applicable as the weather gets colder.  This could also be worn with high brown or black boots.

I can’t find this exact camouflage print dress on TJ Maxx’s website, but I’ve linked very similar ones below for you to choose from…

My grey crossbody purse was purchased from Francesca’s earlier this summer and has been my go-to going out purse the past few months.  I always receive questions as to where I got it AND good news…they still have this style in stock my friends!  While they don’t have this exact one in the light grey option, they do have an elongated version in this color and this same style in navy, maroon, or olive green. // SHOP HERE: Nadia Crossbody Clutch from Francesca’s, $34.00

Here are a number of other camo items you need to add to your online carts ASAP:

Keeping it Simple, but Sassy

I had the pleasure of spending the last two months working with the 2017 Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest contestants as they prepared for the pageant.   Choreographing opening number, working with the committee members to choose music for all areas of competition, and channeling my energy and passion for the organization into young women on their quest to make a difference in their communities.  When I was asked to emcee the show, I knew one of my gowns wouldn’t do the trick (plus, that provided me with a chance to buy a new dress).  Many of those in attendance and across my social media platforms asked where I purchased my navy, jersey dress from so I figured I’d share the details with ya!Here’s the dress I wore to emcee the Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest pageant at the La Crosse Center on Saturday, September 9.  I snagged it on sale for $40 when I purchased it and unfortunately it’s gone back up in price, but here it is:

Looking for a simple gown or cocktail at a great price for an event?  I would highly recommend signing up for email updates on Prom Girl and Simply Dresses.  Both sites run frequent sales and you can snag quality dresses at inexpensive prices for a variety of occasions.

Here are some other simple cocktail dresses and gowns under $100 that stood out to me on Prom Girl:

Stay stylish, sexy, sassy, and comfy my friends,


Always Follow Your Gut

Friday, September 1 was my very last day as a Multi-Media Journalist for WXOW News 19 in La Crosse.  After two years of working in the broadcasting industry in the City of La Crosse, a community I’m extremely proud to be an alumnus of, I decided a change of pace was necessary.  There were parts of being a reporter that I loved and others that challenged my mentality and pulled at my heartstrings, but I’ll save that for another time.  The fact of the matter is that for quite some time my gut had been telling me there was something else out there, something I needed to pursue.  It was that internal instinct that was trying to send a message that took me far too long to interpret.  As my contract terms at work came to an end, I knew what I needed to do despite constant pushback and commentary about my career the past twenty-four (plus) months.  In hopes of bringing some clarity from my long Facebook post, I am pursuing job opportunities in other fields.  This was a personal choice that took a great deal of time, reflection, and consideration.  I am eager to begin a new chapter, whenever and wherever that may be; one with more flexible hours, time off on the holidays to spend quality time with those I care about most, and a creative atmosphere to challenge my interests.

Change is a scary thing my friends, especially when the future is unknown, but that’s okay.  Want to know what else you should go forward with and embrace?  Flowing sleeved, tiered t-shirt dresses!  Oh, did I mention a more laid back dress code in a work environment is also something on the list?  As much as pageants have prepared me to get ‘camera ready’ in a hurry, the everyday grind of being on television certainly takes a toll on your hair and skin (and yes, most anchors and reporters do their own hair and makeup…sorry to disappoint you).As I go forward with change, a shift in seasons is also before as the warm days quickly dwindle.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the fall months, it’s my favorite time of the year.  The perfect weather for jeans and a t-shirt and perhaps a light sweater.  Baseball caps, football, the crisp air…I could go on and on, but don’t worry I’ll save that for an ‘all things fall’ post as to not bore you before you get to read my outfit details.  This grey cotton L.N.V dress is flowing, comfy, and trendy; but what I love most is how basic it is with just a hint of flare on the sleeves.

  • Earrings are SurgarFix BaubleBar from Target, shop similar styles: Target

While I can’t seem to find this exact dress I purchased from TJ Maxx for less than $20, I’ve linked some similar styles below I know you’ll love.

  • Tiered Fluted Sleeve Marled Tee Dress from Shein, $17.00 – How some people might be obsessed with black and see it as their staple wardrobe color, that’s how I feel about grey.  I love free flowing cotton dresses in the summer, but they’re especially nice as we transition into fall; even better that this one in particular has long sleeves! 

Stay stylish, comfy, and trust your gut my friends,