Gems In Dairyland – Warrens Cranfest

Warrens, Wisconsin is a Village within Monroe County, comprised of less than four-hundred people; but it makes a BIG impact on our state fruit.

Since ___ Warrens, Wisconsin has hosted an annual Cranberry Festival during the last full weekend in September.  During that three day fest, roughly 145,000 visitors walk through the grounds and try on hip waders as they step knee deep into cranberry country.  How did this festival originate, you ask?  It began with a small group of women, possessing a desire to create an event that helped out the community.  Today, proceeds from the annual shopping spree, tasty food, community celebration benefit countless organizations.  Their mission reads, “To promote the common good and general welfare of the community of Warrens, including holding an annual festival and raising funds to be used exclusively for civic betterments and social improvements in the Warrens community.”  In fact, to date they have contributed more than $2 Million toward local schools, the Warrens Lion’s Club, fire department and other organizations.

For years growing up, I attended the festival in the fall with my mom and grandma and/or grandparents.  In all honesty, it never felt like fall until I could check this event off of my list, smelling all the amazing scents – apple cider, pork chops on a stick, Christmas candle aromas and browsing through the various handcrafted items.  This fall, I was extra eager to attend Cranberry Festival as Miss Wisconsin.

I wore my Miss America Show Us Your Shoes Parade shoes, ruby red booties adorned with cranberries and vines during the Cranfest parade (which takes place on the Sunday of the annual festival) and spectators loved them! Due to the cold, dreary weather, I refrained from wearing my sequined romper outfit I sprinted in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Nonetheless, I was ecstatic to show my state fruit pride in the heart of cranberry country.

Mark your calendar, the 47th Annual Warrens Cranberry Festival will take place September 27-29, 2019!

What exactly are ‘Gems In Dairyland,’ you ask?  Being that Wisconsin’s state nickname is, “America’s Dairyland” I wanted to create a unique hashtag to bring heightened attention and excitement  to unique festivals, locations, sights, and statues during my travels as Miss Wisconsin 2018.  Check out #GemsInDairyland on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see various photos, videos, and posts!

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