Gems In Dairyland – Waldvogel’s Farm

When you think of fun, Fall activities, what comes to mind? Probably corn maizes, pumpkin patches, caramel apples, hot cider, and hayrides among other things; am I right? If you are anything like me, you are probably reading this going, “Yes! Those all sound great, but I’ll have to go to different locations to get them all in…,” and that’s where you’re wrong.

I recently went to Waldvogel’s Family Farm for an appearance as Miss Wisconsin and I was in awe at the number of activities they have on site for individuals of all ages, especially children (more than FIFTY, in case you were wondering). It’s located at N7416 County Road I in the City of Juneau, Wisconsin and boy is it a gem! When you arrive you see the vastness of the pumpkin patches (PYO for only $5 a pumpkin) bordered by flowers lining the back road for the hayride to take visitors through a decorated, Halloween path through the corn stalks. As you enter through the ticket entry, which only costs $10 for guests 3-year’s-old and older (kids younger than three are free), your eyes gravitate toward the large pond that is accompanied by a small deck on which you can stand and feed the numerous koi fish that inhabit the water year round.

Waldvogel’s also has a pumpkin slinging cannon, yes you read that right! A large, metal cannon that you drop small pumpkins into, aim at large tin objects in the field (a metal pumpkin, bat, and ghost) and then FIRE! I don’t care how old you are, that’s pretty dang neat!

Other fun activities and attractions include:

•A pirate ship playground

•Large Jack-O-Lantern trampoline

•Castle, equipped with slides

•Toy tractor pulls with ropes

•A goat feeding area

•Rabbit petting area

•Mini golfing

•Multiple haunted houses

•A train

•A restaurant equipped with items such as pulled pork, loaded baked potatoes, popcorn chicken, and much more!

•Go carts (very kid friendly)

Waldvogel’s is open Monday through Thursday, 1-6 P.M. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 A.M. until 6 P.M. They are only open through October 31 — don’t miss out on this one stop shop this autumn season! P.S. There’s so many cute photo opportunities you won’t want to pass up!


One thought on “Gems In Dairyland – Waldvogel’s Farm

  1. We have THREE of these fall places within an hour or so drive of our house. A new one that opened this year is located about 30 minutes away. We plan to take our granddaughters there on Saturday, providing the weather cooperates.

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