Preparing for Miss Wisconsin 2018

Phew! After a week or so of my apartment being overpowered with dresses, various clothing items, and an assortment of bags, jewelry, and beauty products — I am packed and ready to depart for Oshkosh for the 2018 Miss Wisconsin competition!This week, I had someone say to me, “Wow! You’re pretty much balancing two full-time jobs right now preparing for Miss Wisconsin while simultaneously taking care of your responsibilities at work.” My response, a deep breath, slight laugh, and a stern nod of the head as I agreed with them. The juggling process teaches contestants a whole new level of time management, organization, and prioritization. How do I do it? Well, lots of coffee of course (Starbucks should know me by name by now) and detailed lists! Here’s an overview of my packing list for Miss Wisconsin 2018:

Auditorium Packing List:

  • Black Opening Number dress and matching heels
    • Earrings and other accessories for Opening Number
  • Swimsuit and corresponding heels of the Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimwear phase
  • Spray adhesive for swimsuit and talent
  • Talent costume/dress
    • Dance shoes (perhaps heels if you’re an instrumentalist or singer)
  • Evening gown – heels and earrings for gown
  • A sweater or robe for backstage and the auditorium during rehearsals (it gets a little chilly in there!)
  • (2) Ramp evening gowns for closing number of the preliminary competitions on Wednesday and Thursday evenings
    • Jewelry that matches both of the gowns
  • (2) Cocktail dresses for after the preliminary competitions
    • Jewelry that corresponds with both of the cocktail dresses
  • Extra hairspray to keep backstage
  • Bobby pins and safety pins
  • Hair ties
  • Make-up removing wipes/baby wipes
  • Lotion
  • Tums // Ibuprofen
  • Protein bars
  • Curling iron

TIP: When labeling garment bags, I use a post it or brighter piece of larger paper to slide into the flap on the bag. If he bag doesn’t have one, I use packaging tape to secure it. I write my current title, name, and typically where it needs to be (auditorium or hotel).

Hotel Room Packing List:

  • Six various, trendy bottoms to pair with sponsored t-shirts during the week
    • Patterned shorts, skirts, pants, jeans, etc.
  • Assorted wedges, summer heels, sandals, and a pair of tennis shoes
  • Jewelry for the week (fun accessories)
TIP – I bought this three tier, stackable organizer from Target for less than $10. it’s great to use for jewelry, allowing you to compartmentalize various accessories and keep them from getting tangled up! I have another, smaller clear one from a craft store I use for my auditorium jewelry.
  • Merchant’s Dinner dress for Monday evening
    • Heels for Merchant’s Dinner
    • Jewelry for the Merchant’s Dinner with the sponsors and judges
    • A small clutch/purse
  • Miss WIOT competition dress/outfit
    • Heels for the Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen Competition
    • Jewelry for the Teen competition (earrings, bracelets, necklace, etc.)
  • Underwear and assorted bras (think regular bra, sports bra, and perhaps if you need a specific bra for your Teen competition outfit or Merchant’s Dinner dress)
  • Comfortable sweats/pajamas for the week for sleeping in
  • A robe and slippers (definitely your preference)
  • Make-Up
  • Big bottles of your favorite shampoo and conditioner
  • Tooth brush and toothpaste
  • Various other hair products (thickening spray, heat protectant spray, play powder, etc.)
  • Your own pillow and blanket
  • Workout clothes and tennis shoes
  • A computer and corresponding charger
  • Phone charger
  • Thank you cards
  • Autograph cards and a few good sharpies for them
  • Local crown and sash
  • Gift for your roommate
  • Headphones
  • Sunglasses
  • A tote bag to carry your items in during the day for rehearsals (camera, lip gloss/Chapstick, make-up, snacks, water bottle, etc.)
  • A camera to take with you to rehearsals and lunches during the day (phones typically get taken and given back upon the contestants’ arrival back at the hotel)Snacks for within your room later at night
    • On my individual list I have: KIND Almond Butter Protein Bars (great to grab in the morning on the go or eat later at night), Veggie Straws (to curb my French Fry addiction), popcorn, a case of water, assorted juices from Saints Juice Co. in Madison, and apples just to name a few!

Other items you may want at the hotel…

  • Pictures of family and friends
  • Weights for your hotel room (there is an accessible gym downstairs)
  • A journal to reflect and write in at the end of each day
  • An umbrella




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