March Favorites: Sushi And Sickness

Okay, this first favorite item started a couple months ago (at the end of January to be exact). However, I have yet to share it on my list of favs, so naturally I have to let you in on this gem. Driving back to Madison one night, I was craving sushi and after calling a couple popular restaurants I discovered a very long takeout time; in turn, I stumbled upon Teriyaki Sushi Express on Fish Hatchery near my apartment and it’s delicious! In fact, I’ve frequented there so much for Shrimp Tempura and Rainbow Rolls that the employees often laugh and say, “Soy sauce and chopsticks, right?” Yes, that’s me…

In addition to excessive amounts of sushi consumption, I’ve been doing odd and end home items shopping and this past month that consisted of some various holiday decor too! Starting with a few simple, cute St. Patrick’s Day items from Shopko of all places. They still have some items on sale, check out your latest store to see what’s left!I also found some adorable Easter decorations at TJ Maxx (not surprising, I know). Like this wooden bunny sign, Happy Spring sign, and wooden bunny statue. Not to mention, I had the ingenious idea to put my bunny wreath at the center of my Magnolia wreath from Target that hangs against the wall in my entryway/kitchen space, isn’t it cute?

Although this morning exactly bunny wreath was purchased a few years ago, I found similar ones for all of you to shop online (come on, I wouldn’t leave you hanging — no pun intended). // Just click on the photos to shop the decor!

Easter Bunny Wreath from Kirklands, SALE $4.94

Pastel Wood Curl Rabbit Wreath from Pier 1, SALE $24.88

This adorable Collins Painting & Design Floral Bunny Box for $7.99 is another home foods item I got this month from TJ Maxx along with an adorable bunny statue (they have a ton on sale right now)! I set it next to my stove the past few weeks by my Cadbury Egg candy dish.

Can you sense that I have a new lip gloss craze?

I’ve snagged LipSense from two of my best friends whenever I’ve been with them for about the past year. Just a few weeks ago, I finally bought some for myself and it’s a total game changer. My favorite color is the Bella, it’s a great neutral tone for every day where and a simple pop of color when needed; in fact, I wore it for my Miss Wisconsin headshot photos! I ordered a starter kit from a coworker based in Racine, Melissa who’s social media handles are “Sparkle Me Sassy” if you’d like to order your own or simple inquire. Check out her Facebook page here!

The last week and half (or so) of March I got sick with a constant fever, sinus pressure, and headache that seemed to come and go as it pleased. As much as I strongly dislike calling into work or leaving early, after my fever peaked after a Thursday morning meeting on the 22nd, I asked my boss if I could leave — knowing I needed to rest up before the Miss Wisconsin Sweeps Pageant that Sunday.I made a pit stop at Walgreen’s for soup, Gatorade, and medicine prior to going home and crawling into bed. Now, mind you…I rarely get sick. When I do, it tends to knock me off my feet pretty quickly and I resort to ‘big baby mode.’ I typically buy a big chug of orange juice and drink that as quickly as possible, consume Emergen-C at the first sign of symptoms, and try to drink more hot water with lemon and apple cider vinegar than usual. Per recommendation of some of you on Instagram, I bought the Airborne Immune Support Supplement gummies and TherafluExpressMaxBoth products did work great, but I will say – I needed Nyquil Cold & Flu to fall asleep and actually get a good night’s rest without consistently waking up tossing and turning.

My all time favorite, go-to product when I feel that sinus cold/allergy pressure approaching typically due to the change in the season and consequent change in the atmosphere’s pressure is NeilMed Sinus Rinse.It’s a little more than $10 with tax at many local drug stores and it works like a charm! I know what you’re thinking, “no way I’m squeezing that up my nose, you’re crazy.” I honestly find it oddly therapeutic and even if it is a nuisance to you, you can’t deny that it works wonders in terms of feeling instant, natural relief; not to mention, actually being able to breath. Check it out!

One final item to round out my March favorites on a bright, colorfully fun note. These BaubleBar beaded and tassel earrings come in the multi-colored option shown below and all black — a perfect accessory for Spring and Summer!SUGARFIX by BaubleBar Mixed Media Drop Earrings with Tassel from Target, $12.99

Have a wonderful April my friends! Be sure to click “subscribe” on my blog to get email updates when I publish a new post!




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