Rose Gold + Marble Bathroom Decor

The recent blush and rose gold craze has caught up with me. Which is somewhat shocking because for years I was someone who despised pink and wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. I decided a long time ago upon moving to a new, single bedroom apartment I wanted a white ruffled shower curtain (which I’ve loved the look of for quite some time) and that I’d choose other items around that.

I’m going to let you in on a secret that I discovered while shopping for some of these items. I have the Target app on my phone and pretty frequently browse items, favorite them, and/or place them in my cart. So when I went to Target after finding an apartment and was searching for some of these canisters and bath accessories that were in my cart on my app, I realized that my location services had discovered exactly what store I was at in Fitchburg and showed me what aisle the items were in that I needed. It also showed me when the item couldn’t be found in the store and how soon it would arrive if I ordered it online. Come on, that’s a “all hail technology” moment in my book!The room scent I have in my bathroom is Almond from Bath and Body Works which I oddly enough fell in love with while working a painting job with my Aunt at someone’s home this fall. I have the almond wall plug-in adjacent from my counter and the candle placed in a rose gold holder on the back of my toilet. Shop Almond 3-Wick Bath and Body Works Candle HERE // On sale right now for $12.95. Note, it is currently in a different, darker design than pictured.

Almond CandleTo accent my floating shelves, I purchased two of these small, contemporary white vases for $4.99 a piece from Hobby Lobby and light pink flowers that I cut down and arranged inside. Placed next to my favorite Amber & Argan body lotion from Bath and Body Works and almond room spray. Questions or comments? Post below and let me know what you think!


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