DIY: Farmhouse Coffee Table

I’ve said it countless times, society should throw ‘welcome to real life’ showers when students graduate from college. You know, like a baby shower or more so a wedding shower. Makes sense, right? At that point in their life, they’re even more broke than they were upon graduating high school and by far, way more responsible in terms of dealing with copious amounts of money in a proper way. Not to mention, chances are they don’t have a lot of nice, quality home items when they’re fresh out of school.

Instead, young adults scrape what little income they have as they transition into a full-time job toward paying bills, debt, and attempting to buy home various items and better yet, decent furniture. For the past few years I have desolately wanted a farmhouse coffee table, but they range anywhere from $200 up to $600 (or more) and then the issue of shipping fees comes into play if it’s not close to you. So after admiring tables and pinning multiple finished products and vague DIY articles on Pinterest, I convinced my brother to help me make my own.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • (4) 8 ft. 2 x 4s
  • Miter or Table Saw — or know your measurements before leaving the store and have personnel at Home Depot or Lowe’s cut the 2 x 4s for you!
  • Multiple sheets of sandpaper (100 and 200 grade quality)
  • Wood yard stakes (for cross x’s on the sides of the table)
  • A caulk gun
  • An electric screwdriver and screws
  • A hammer

We started by measuring out and cutting the lower frame and screwing the boards together. It measures 16 inches wide by 51 long (just over 4 ft. long). Obviously, these can be adjusted to fit your space and furniture as you please — whether that be making it a little smaller or larger. In fact, we were following DIY instructions I found on Pinterest and found it necessary to make a smaller version of the table depicted in those instructions.

We then cut the legs and screwed them into the base frame at an angle from the inside as to hide the screws to the best of our ability, making them 19 inches tall. From there, we cut and secured a top frame alongside the legs, securing the long boards before the sides and adding a small 2×4 in the middle for reinforcement. The crisscrosses on the side of the table are in fact yard stakes cut into one another, nailed, and secured with Gorilla Glue for extra stability.After the frame was all nailed and screwed together, I took sheets of sandpaper and sanded down all the seams and edges of the wood as to smooth them over. Upon brushing off the sawdust, I used the caulk gun to cover some deep holes left by the screws and wide cracks from the boards and smoothed them out with my finger (keep a wet towel nearby to wipe your hands on). After allowing that to dry overnight, touching up as needed, and sanding down excess dried caulk, I primed the table and then painted it with Breakthrough paint in white. Best of luck!

Click here for more step-by-step instructions for your own DIY Chunky Farmhouse Table

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