Goodbye resolutions, hello attainable goals

When I hear the term “resolution” I immediately think of a drastic change that takes a lengthy period of time to accomplish, anyone with me? In the dictionary the true definition of the word is as follows…ResolutionIt sounds great in theory, right? Oh, here is my list of New Year’s resolutions … “New Year, New Me” or perhaps, “This is my year! The best is yet to come!” And while the optimism and determination that follow these ambitious statements and goals are sincerely admirable, in reality, the tasks are daunting and many times, too vast for you to truly conquer without a strategic plan. Last year I made resolutions to save more money, pay off my credit card bill, and read 17 books in 2017 (just some of the numerous resolutions I set). Now mind you, these are the top point of my resolutions that I’m sharing with you and they don’t include the step-by-step goals I wrote down in order to reach those goals — or didn’t write down which is why some of them failed. Mind you, it’s human nature to crave segmentation when it comes to ultimately achieving a goal. Afterall, you’re not just going to say “I’m going to run a marathon,” and then go out and run it successfully without taking the necessary, small steps (no pun intended) and conscious dietary measures in order to get in shape for the event. Without those strategically thought out tasks, you’d most likely fail or severely injure yourself and if not, congratulations you’re far and few in between. So why do you care? Chances are you’re not gearing up to crush a full marathon in 2018 and trust me, neither am I. My point with this analogy is that you essentially can’t accomplish any resolution without setting small goals.

First off, let’s ixnay the term “resolution” all together and focus on attainable goals. If you’ve already set or written goals for the New Year, let’s make them more specific and if you’re like me and you’re finally getting around to setting those goals — let’s GET TO IT. Start by reflecting on the previous 365. What made you happy? What moments were rather difficult to you? What elements of your previous life chapter would you like to see change?

Only YOU possess the power to change circumstances in your life. Sitting back and wondering what could’ve happened or dreaming about what you want only gets you so far; you must take action. I know, you’re probably asking yourself, “Tia, how do I do this?”  Start by writing down all of your goals for 2018 and then make a conscious effort to break each one of them down further and sort out what monthly, weekly, and daily steps you need to take to accomplish that goal. For example, one of my looming goals is to drink more water. In order to ensure I’m taking daily action towards accomplishing this, I downloaded an app called “My Water” that allows me to plug in my gender and gender and type in how many ounces I’ve consumed. It also sends me notifications if I need to pick more water // BOOM accountability! If there’s not an app that allows you to follow-through with your goals, try creating a chart that you can physically print out and post somewhere inside your home (inside a kitchen cabinet for dietary goals, inside a closet door for lifestyle changes, etc.) ; this tactic allows you the capability to gain the satisfaction of checking items off while keeping track of your progress. Here are my overarching personal goals for this year…My personal goals for 2018Obviously, this list doesn’t include work goals, items I plan to purchase (a new laptop, a new vehicle, an entertainment center for my living room, etc.), or events I hope to attend; more or less a bucket list style format — those all have their own lists because I’m just extra like that.

Wishing you nothing but the best in 2018,



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