Vests + Fur for Under $100

Earlier this week I posted on my Instagram story talking about how my desire and love for expanding my fashion and lifestyle blog stems from helping people fine affordable clothing. Last weekend, a girlfriend and I were discussing how we follow A LOT of bloggers on Instagram, but sincerely appreciate when we click on an outfit they’re wearing and a pair of boots are say $40 instead of $400. I mean let’s be honest, adulting is hard no one has extra cash to drop on a $150 sweater or $200 jeans, I don’t care how ‘fabulous’ the quality is. I want to be able to get key, quality items for a decent price and I want you to be able to do the same.

With that being said, I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and friends. I traveled home to Wisconsin Rapids on Wednesday evening to enjoy the holiday with family at my parents’ house; lots of delicious food and great company! Rather than buying something new to wear (like I typically do for holidays, events, special gatherings, etc.), I pulled a Mossimo cream sweater out of my closet that I bought at Target a couple years ago and paired it with my suede fur vest from Maurices. // SHOP similar ‘Women’s Nep Pullover White Mossimo Sweater’ from Target for $20

I seriously think I got this suede vest in junior high (perhaps high school) and have thought about tossing it in a garage sale box a couple times…now, I’m thankful I didn’t. Faux fur vests are everywhere right now and what’s even better is the fact that they’re so comfortable. It’s like wearing a blanket everywhere you go! I’ve linked some of my favorites under $100 for you to shop:

Stay stylish and warm my friends,



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