Adding a Little Flare to Work Style

On Monday, I started a new job in Madison and I couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter. After a period of time spent at home, it’s great to get back to the grind and have a stagnant schedule once again. But enough about me, after pulling an old pair of pants out of my closet for my first day of work, I thought I would share some similar styles with you.Mind you, these pants are from H&M and were bought years ago. I thought about getting rid of them a handful of times because of just how flared out they are at the bottom, but kept telling myself they are great for professional environments. Lucky for me (and you) wide legged pants are very in style. So although I couldn’t find the exact pair I own, I found countless others for you to choose from at great prices!

  • Mid Rise Belted Wise Leg Pant from Express, $88.00 — These are a little pricier, but I love the 70’s, chic vibe they give off. Plus, you can never go wrong with dress clothes (or frankly most any clothes) from Express; the quality comes with the price tag.


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