50 Shades of Grey + Bedroom Blues

See what I did with that post title? Caught your attention, didn’t I?

Whelp, sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s nothing steamy or scandalous about this post (well other than the deals I suppose). I asked and you, my Instagram followers voted in favor of seeing a break down of my home good items currently in my apartment so I figured I’d start with my favorite room: my bedroom.I had a dark blue and white patterned duvet the last couple of years and HATED it. If you’ve had a duvet, you know my struggle and if not…well I wouldn’t necessarily recommend buying one. They aren’t the most conducive when it comes to washing and you can never get your bed made neat enough because it simply doesn’t lay right. Yes, the struggle is real folks. I knew I wanted a cleaner, simpler look while still keeping my rustic wood furniture and gold hues with blue accents (a proven color that provides a calming presence and relaxation). So I went back to my basic white down comforter and focused on buying furniture that fit the rustic chic vibe I was aiming for.Here are the items in my room for you to shop for yourself:

Rustic wood mirror was purchased at Michael’s a few years ago (sorry) and the white and burlap material jewelry holder with pearl push pins is from TJ Maxx!

My white with grey paisley sheets on my bed are Tahari Home from TJ Maxx and were purchased awhile ago for under $40. I would highly recommend browsing your local TJ’s if you’re looking for some good quality sheets at a discounted rate! However, I would also advise picking up some of my extra pillowcase and box spring sheets which are Microfiber Room Essentials from Target of all places. They’re only $20, yes, you read that right…only $20 and they’re the softest sheets I’ve ever owned. My mom bought similar ones for my bed at my parents, go check them out you won’t regret it! [SHOP ROOM ESSENTIALS MICROFIBER SHEETS HERE]

Then of course, there’s a number of items that are still on my “to purchase” list. Like a dark blue floor vase of some sort, an area rug that’s currently on an idea board of mine on Wayfair and some more picture frames. If you have any questions or feedback, I’d love to hear it! Either comment below or follow @CamerasAndCoffeeBlog on Instagram and send me a message!

P.S. If you know where I can find a great quality, fluffy white down comforter at a good price PLEASE let me know, thanks!

As always, stay classic and comfy my friends,



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