Embracing the Halloween Spirit

Ever since I was very little, my mom instilled a deep love for Halloween within my siblings and I. One year I was Baby Bop (let’s clarify, like at 2-years-old), another year I was Pippy Longstocking complete with wire woven through my braids in order to make them stand up on their own. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate DIY outfits more and more. My sophomore years of college I was a scarecrow (makeup compliments of Pinterest), a following year I created a Madhatter costume myself which is honestly one of my best costumes yet (in my opinion), and the following evening I was Saw…“Do you want to play a game?!”In need of a last minute costume for Halloween night? Pull out that old flannel you have in your closet, grab a pair of jeans, and snag your cowboy boots if you have them (if not, rider boots or booties work too). Using a little black eyeliner (preferably liquid) and red paint (or lipstick if you have no paint), you can easily transform yourself into a cute scarecrow. For night number one this year out in Madison on Friday I was Wonder Woman. — Moment of truth, actual superhero and/or movie costumes can get pretty expensive. If you want a decent one that has all the parts, they’re not easy to find either. The search can easily cost you upwards of $50 to $100 dollars depending on where you’re shopping. [SHOP THIS EXACT COSTUME HERE]For night number two on Saturday evening, I turned from superhero to sassy villian as Poison Ivy. The emerald green, choker bodysuit was snagged off of Poshmark for only $20 and after many failed attempts and searching for emerald green tights, I decided to pick up fishnets instead from Target. Initially, I had ordered a pleather dark green skirt from Amazon, but when it came the color was way too dark with more of a blue hue than anticipated. Luckily, my mom came across this emerald green lace apron at Goodwill and I tied it around my waist as a skirt (check thrift stores around Halloween, they’re lifesavers). Finally, the poison ivy vines were ordered in bulk on Amazon for like three dollars. I twisted them around my skirt and torso, securing them with safety pins. The poison ivy leaves in my hair we’re pinned down using bobby pines and the few on my face I used eyelash glue on.How about my makeup? I used Hard Candy’s Simply Gorgeous green eyeliner pencil to shade green framing my face, acccenting that with swirls and lines in an effort to emulate vines. Since I couldn’t find my green eyeshadow in the chaos of moving, I used the eyeliner pencil on my eyelids and under eyes as well. I then used the red pencil to line my under eye.Stay festive, fun, and freaky my friends,



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