Shop Local, Shop Sweet

The prevelance of smaller boutique clothing stores in recent years is definitely something I can get onboard with. There were a handful I loved in La Crosse like Willow Boutique on Pearl Street, A&as Clothing Co. on Main Street in Downtown, and Apricot Lane in the Valley View Mall. If any Madison area residents reading this know of shops they love, please comment or email me, I would love to have an inside scoop before I move! One shop I frequent in my hometown of Wisconsin Rapids is Sweet Tea Clothing Co. located on 821 Pepper Ave. and if you haven’t stopped in yet, I highly recommend you check them out, like their Facebook page, and give them a follow on Instagram!

The well-known “Home” shirts have grown immensely in popularity in the past couple years. The best part about it is how soft and comfortably they are. It’s part of Home State Apparel which is available at Sweet Tea Clothing Boutique in Wisconsin Rapids. This hat is only $24 and comes in the grey (pictured) a washed out red and navy. Isn’t it cute?!Note, my oversized jean jacket is from Forever 21 and was snagged for less than $40! I’ve been wearing it constantly with everything and anything.This fab burnt orange sweater is a one size fits all from Sweet Tea. Since purchasing a couple weeks ago I’ve worn it a handful of times: dresses up for a cute casual outfit, dresses down with a jacket for errands, and I’ve even slept in it (yes, it’s that cozy). It’s only $49 and well worth it for the quality; not to mention how many times you’ll wear it this fall and winter! P.S. The “Have Faith” gold and pearl interchangeable bracelet is part of the Lenny & Eva collection available at the boutique as well. Have you seen this black tunic pop up on my @CamerasAndCoffee Instagram page? No surprise that it’s also from Sweet Tea! The hooded tunic is only $32. The stretchy material provides room for mobility and is extremely breathable fabric. (Pumpkin coffee mug is from Walmart).

These are just a few of my favorite items from the past couple of weeks! They have countless clothing items for Juniors and Misses, including boots and accessories. Check them out today, you won’t be disappointed!

Stay stylish and shop local my friends,



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