10 Shoes You Need for Fall

My all time favorite thing to shop for, topping my adoration for purses and jackets is shoes.  While I know it’s easy to snag cheap, trendy shoes that are seasonal and throw them out once they’re worn through, it’s best to invest in staple, quality footwear.  And of course, you do need to splurge on some trendy items from time to time as well.  As I transition into fall, I always look at what the state of my ‘basic flats’ are and see if I need a new black or brown pair (that way I cover my bases with different wardrobe items).  It’s also important to do a little inventory on your boots and booties and see if you might need to shop around for a new pair or two.

The good news?  I’ve already browsed through TJ Maxx’s inventory and compiled my favorite shoes for you into one convenient location!  Be sure to keep your eye out for mules, suede and/or velvet flats, platform sneakers, and embroidery on shoes — all very ‘in’ as we transition seasons.  Here are my current favorites:


Step into Fall the right way my friends,



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