Keeping it Simple, but Sassy

I had the pleasure of spending the last two months working with the 2017 Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest contestants as they prepared for the pageant.   Choreographing opening number, working with the committee members to choose music for all areas of competition, and channeling my energy and passion for the organization into young women on their quest to make a difference in their communities.  When I was asked to emcee the show, I knew one of my gowns wouldn’t do the trick (plus, that provided me with a chance to buy a new dress).  Many of those in attendance and across my social media platforms asked where I purchased my navy, jersey dress from so I figured I’d share the details with ya!Here’s the dress I wore to emcee the Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest pageant at the La Crosse Center on Saturday, September 9.  I snagged it on sale for $40 when I purchased it and unfortunately it’s gone back up in price, but here it is:

Looking for a simple gown or cocktail at a great price for an event?  I would highly recommend signing up for email updates on Prom Girl and Simply Dresses.  Both sites run frequent sales and you can snag quality dresses at inexpensive prices for a variety of occasions.

Here are some other simple cocktail dresses and gowns under $100 that stood out to me on Prom Girl:

Stay stylish, sexy, sassy, and comfy my friends,



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