Embroidered Items You Need for Fall

The embroidery trend is out in full force and it’s freaking fabulous.  I will admit, my usual style is classy and sexy, but edgy and this certainly accentuates the edgy side of my wardrobe.  I also feel as though (sadly) as we get older, our wardrobe tends to get more and more bland and that’s just not okay with me.  “You don’t quit playing because you grow old, you grow old because you quit playing.”  —  Don’t lose your whimsical desire to experiment with things in life, including your style.  Try new things, dare to be bold, and most importantly spice it up every now and then.  Like these jeans… 

P.S. My white and blue striped, collared top is Levi’s.  Snagged at TJ Maxx for ONLY $8 and it’s originally $49.95!  Just another prime reason as to why I love TJ’s oh so much.

Looking for some other jeans to spice up your wardrobe a little bit as we prepare to transition into the fall season (yes, I know you’re probably telling me to bite my tongue but it’s quickly approaching and we can’t stop it from coming)?  If you’re not super into the bright contrast of the flowers and chili peppers on the Indigo Rein skinnies, these Nanette by Nanette Lepore Released Hem Jeans from TJ Maxx provide the same, trendy touch but in a much more subtle way PLUS they’re currently marked down from $29.99 to only $15!


Here are a handful of other embroidered jeans that may suit your liking if you’re not uber fond of the first two options.  I especially love the BooHoo High Rise floral jeans from ASOS.


Of course you can’t just shop embroidered jeans without buying some eye-catching tops too.  Obviously I wouldn’t recommend pairing embroidered pants with some type of embroidered shirt because the patterns would most likely class, but these tops work great with colored pants or solid jeans of some sort.  My personal favorite out of these six from three of my go-to stores (TJ Maxx, Lulu’s, and Francesca’s) is #6, the ‘Beautiful Imagery Light Blue Button Down.’

Stay stylish and sassy my friends,



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