The Perfect Presents for the Future Mrs.

Leading up to the big day, you want to ensure that bride in your life feels extra special.  Whether it’s a sister, extended family member, or friend you want to ensure she feels as pampered and glamorous as you would want to feel in the days leading up to and especially the night before your wedding, right? (Rhetorical question guys).  I’ve shared with you some bridal shower decoration tips and low key Bachelorette party items to purchase, now let’s talk pre-wedding day goodies you can’t pass up.

SEE: Gifts for the Bride in Your Life

I’ll be honest, this is only the second wedding I’ve stood up in.  The first one was for a dear friend of mine and now, I’m the Maid of Honor to my older sister (yikes is right).  It’s a much more stressful process than I ever imagined being directly involved in the planning process and details.  However, I found that keeping an electronic list on my “AnyList” App on my iPhone that covers both wedding tasks and items that need to be purchased has helped me stay focused in the weeks leading up to the wedding day.  It gave me gratification to see what I accomplished and was a constant reminder of what I still needed to see through.  One element of that list was gifts for the bride.  I decided to put together a basket to give her after the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, constantly asking myself, “If I was in her position what would I want?”  Here are some things that were included in that gift that are extremely versatile for the future Mrs. in your life…

A Simplistic Mrs. Necklace

Side note:  Be sure to know the bride’s taste before you dive into buying these cute gifts.  What am I talking about?  Well, for example, I ordered my sister this necklace in silver because I know she’s not a fan of gold (at all).  Whereas I would prefer the gold because I’m obsessed with it and can’t get enough gold accessories and furniture.Matching Shirts for the Bride and Groom

These v-neck and standard t-shirt shirts come in four colors: charcoal, black, heather gray and white.  I ordered the ones pictured from M&E’s Collection on Etsy, they’re the heather gray option.  I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived.  They’re lightweight, soft, and simple — perfect present for the bride and groom, but in my opinion it’s not newlywed overkill.  #ScoreA Customized Satin Robe

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to embrace their new name and sport their love for their new hubby with a comfy, sexy robe?

Rustic Personalized Wedding Hanger

Future Mrs. Sash, great for a Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower, or in this case, Pre-Wedding Festivities

Aside from the plethora of customized Mrs. items there are to choose from, nothing beats those personal, favorite items that are needed on the eve or day of the wedding.  I snagged this white “Mrs.” canvas basket at Walmart and decided to fill it with helpful items including: ibuprofen, tums, mini bottles of the  bride’s favorite alcohol, oil blotting sheets, and Peach-O’s (the bride’s favorite candy) among other items.  Some other useful things you may want to include in a basket for the bride in your life include: bobby pins, hair ties, mints or gum, and notes.  I had each of my grandparents and parents write letters and/or notes sharing marriage advice and reflective memories about th bride for her to read the night before her wedding and she absolutely loved it-highly recommend!

Still looking for some items for her or perhaps yourself if you’re the bride, no need to fret!  Here are some more of my favorite items that just never quite made their way to my cart, but were certainly pinned and saved just in case.





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