5 Practical Gifts for the Twenty-Something Woman in your Life

Let’s face it, no one really enjoys opening up little trinkets or knick-knacks.  There’s plenty of “just because” moments or times that call for congratulations that we want to show our appreciation for someone, but what is the best gift to give?  When it comes to a twenty-something woman, there’s a handful of things you simply can’t go wrong with.

1. A candle – You can’t go wrong with a good smelling candle.  Stick with the rule of thumb that if you love it and don’t want to part with it, they’ll probably love it too.  Personally, I am partial to Bath & Body Works candles.  They are very potent and the scent lasts, worth every single penny!  Like buying local and supporting small businesses?  Check out Lake Life Candle!  One of my best friends recently left me a present to congratulate me for my accomplishments at Miss Wisconsin and it included the “Clean Cotton” custom candle pictured below (yes, please)!  P.S. You can never go wrong with fresh scents!2.  Starbucks Gift Cards – I know a common mentality is that gift cards are impersonal, but in reality most people who receive think they’re amazing and are extremely grateful for them.  The best kind (in my opinion)?  Starbucks.  It’s without the doubt the gift that keeps on giving, after all you’re literally providing the gift of life; that’s pretty fricken spectacular.  #BlessUp everyone who gave me a Starbucks card during Miss Wisconsin week.  If there’s another coffee shop, store, or restaurant they love, don’t hesitate to pick up a gift card.  It’s a simple errand on your part and they will exude sincere happiness (I promise).3. Alex & Ani Braclets – These simple bracelets are in high demand right now and for good reason.  Not only do most of them come in silver and gold options, but there’s a variety of charms to choose from and they support incredible causes.  For example, I received a gold one with a unicorn on it where part of the proceeds went to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  How neat is that?  Millennials love any sort of philanthropic good that they can get their hands on, check out all the different kinds you can pick from here: Alex & Ani.  Oh and did I mention they’re super cute and stackable?  Just checking.

4. Bath & Body Works Items – If you know what scents they prefer, you’re already ahead of the game.  However, don’t fret if you aren’t sure what they like.  The perk of B&B Works products is that they can always exchange them for another scent.  Looking for a good one?  Try Rosé Champagne, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

5. Other Jewelry Items – This sparkly, statement necklace pictured below is from JCrew and can typically be found at their outlet stores.  I actually borrowed an identical one my roommate had for a year before she recently gifted me my own (thanks, Liv).  Jewelry is something “extra” women don’t tend to buy on a regular basis for themselves because let’s face it, it’s not needed.  So if you see something you like or know of a necklace or earrings they’ve expressed interest in, jump on it.  Bright tassel earrings are super fun and lively up any outfit, you can find some of my favorites at Target and Francesca’s.Hair Tie Bracelet – Yes, you read that correctly.  There’s metal bangle bracelets that have divots in them for your hair bands or pony tails.  Adding a little more class and glamour to the black, brown, or vibrant colored elastic band that typically stays on your wrist all day long (that is if you don’t lose it).  There’s plenty of options to choose from on Etsy:


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