Let the Good Times Roll

Let’s recap Monday and Tuesday of Miss Wisconsin week since I finally was able to connect to WiFi on my laptop.  And have a moment to type out this post for that matter, we stay very busy in Oshkosh this week as contestants!

Monday morning we arrived just after 8 a.m. at The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh’s Recreational Center on campus, spending a few hours there initially.  During that time we worked on opening number, closing number production, evening gown walking patterns, swimsuit walking patterns, and on-stage question (phew)!  We broke for lunch and met with Shriners and veterans from the Wisconsin Veterans Home in King.  We ride on the bus all week, aka “The Golden Cadillac” pictured above with “Miss Wisconsin” painted on the windows.While I was sad to not see or be able to connect with Sally Olson whom I had met last year and kept in touch with, I was delighted to meet Jim.  Miss Milwaukee Area, Haley Lynam and I were lucky to have lunch with him and learned that he served in the Korean War as a chef.  He’s traveled to countless places over the years, but loves Wisconsin.After his time in the service, he work as a chef at a hotel near Lambeau Field for 22 years, stirring up meals for visiting NFL teams when they were in town.  One day, he had a gentleman walk in and ask him to make him the best steak he could.  Any guesses as to who it was?  My man, the one and only Vince Lombardi (super jealous).We went back to UW-Oshkosh for rehearsal in the afternoon before getting ready for The Merchant’s dinner at The Waters.  This is a semi-formal dinner at a gorgeous restaurant on the water that allows us a chance to mingle with generous sponsors of the Miss Wisconsin Scholarship Program and meet the judges in a more informal setting prior to interviews beginning.  The weather has been horrid and humid with storms and showers on and off, but a key quality of any titleholder (especially Miss Wisconsin) is one’s ability to “roll with the punches.” Shout out to The Roxy and the waitstaff for an incredible dinner.  The food was absolutely phenomenal and the cheesecake was so delicious I enjoyed two pieces (thanks April)!Post Merchant’s I hit the gym at the hotel, running a few miles before lifting.  I wasn’t able to fall asleep the best on Sunday night due to excitement so I figured a solid sweat session would help clear my mind and boost my alertness the next day (and it did).Tuesday, my group (group two) didn’t have interview so we departed around 8:15 a.m. for the auditorium to practice walking patterns on the set and talent run throughs.  All twenty-six of us convened in the afternoon for a picnic lunch provided by the Kiwanis Club of Oshkosh followed by a group rehearsal on stage in the late afternoon.  Thank you to the Kiwanis Club for keeping us energized and ready to conquer our day, your support is sincerely appreciated!

  • Interview, Wednesday morning
  • Wednesday preliminary competition: On-Stage Question and Lifestyle and Fintess in Swimwear
  • Thursday preliminary competition: Talent and Evening Gown

One thought on “Let the Good Times Roll

  1. BEST of luck this evening as you compete, Tia! Will have you on my mind and sending tons of positive energy and well wishes! Love & Hugs! Nancy Rae’ Zinn Nielsen

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