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The Miss America Organization is a system that empowers women to fearlessly chase after their dreams.  It’s far from a “beauty pageant” and we (the women that are involved) are far from “pageant girls.”Let’s be honest…I was a lost, distraught mess before I won my first title within the MAO.  I was pushing myself down a career path I ultimately didn’t love simply because the field had promising job security and a solid salary outlook.  Fortunately, this organization showed me that I needed to surround myself with people and somehow make an impact in the community on a regular basis.  It was because of the MAO instilling in me that I can do anything I set my mind to that I changed my major from Athletic Training and Pre-Physical Therapy to broadcasting and communication.  I am proud to say I graduated with a degree in Organizational Communication Studies and Sports Broadcasting in May of 2015 from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.I aspire to someday work as a sideline reporter for ESPN.  This fall, I had the honor of covering a behind-the-scenes story on ESPN’s College GameDay in Madison before the Ohio State game (boo Buckeyes!).  With that opportunity, I also had the unique opportunity to interview host Rece Davis and Kirk Herbstreit.  Not to mention, I saw my idol, Samantha Ponder do her thing just feet away from me (freaked out slightly).

I’m proud and thankful to say it was the Miss America Organization and Miss Wisconsin Programs’ influence that led me to this career that I love and connected me with prominent community members three years ago; enabling me to establish my first sports broadcasting internship that opened doors for other internships and jobs.  And it’s this same organization that has instilled a sense of confidence and determination within me that will continue to lead me to success in the workforce. #likeaMAOwoman    #MarComScholarship    #MissWisconsin


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