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People who are not familiar with the Miss America Organization may be quick to categorize the women they see on stage or television.  I can tell you from my nearly seven years of experience that each and everyone of us is unique in our own way.

We come from different backgrounds, have been through various experiences, and possess different objectives as well.  We constantly set new goals to achieve: in the community, in competition realm, and in our personal lives.  This fall I made a point to sign up for hunters safety and obtain my hunting license, something I’ve wanted to do for years. I started the online coursework a few years ago, but as classes picked up and my work schedule increased I put it aside for another time.  Late this past summer of 2016, I decided I was going to finish it.  I sat down one afternoon at my parents, worked through the online coursework and scheduled my field day for a few weeks later.I was fortunate to go out opening weekend of deer season with Nick and Nikki, alumni grenadiers I met when I was Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest.  I shot my first deer (and buck) Sunday of opening weekend.  He was about 140 yards away on top of a rolling hill and I can’t tell you how shocked and ecstatic I was when I discovered I hit him.  The experience has completely captivated me and brought me a newfound love for Wisconsin’s Outdoors (which I wasn’t quite sure was possible).  I’m hooked, folks!

I went out turkey hunting a few weeks ago too with a good friend of mine since 3rd grade.  We did not get a big Tom for me, but we certainly heard them in the valleys of the scenic Coulee Region and we saw a few hens.  My favorite part?  Communicating with them and hearing all of them communicate with one another, pretty neat!  How many days until deer season…? 

#likeaMAOwoman     #MarComScholarship      #MissWisconsin


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