Patriotic Floral and Blue Suede Bliss

Style is one of the four points of the Miss America Organization crown.  To me, its relevance is demonstrated by staying current with trends, but also taking into account what clothing best represents your own personality (and comfort is high on the list too).  It’s fun and exciting to experiment with new patterns, textures, and cuts of clothing pieces but it’s essential that in doing so you never stray away from who you are and the things that you like.

I typically describe my style as sexy, classy, and simple.  Trying to balance these three qualities can be tricky, however, I feel they’re three accurate adjectives to describe not only my daily wardrobe but my stage wardrobe within the Miss America Organization as well.IMG_5342IMG_5344This patriotic, floral dress caught my eye when I was making a quick sweep through TJ Maxx and I couldn’t pass it up!  Off the shoulder tops and dresses are very in for the spring and summer seasons and I love the dramatic neckline they create!

IMG_5361IMG_5375I had my eye on similar suede, bow sandals from DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) for the past few weeks.  When I stumbled upon these Kenneth Cole ones (the only ones I could find in store at TJ Maxx) I was elated!  If you like those, here are some similar styles you might like:


Stay stylish and comfy my friends.



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