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A common association that is attached with the term “girl” is that someone is weak or dependent on another individual and I can confidently tell you that’s not the case for women involved in the Miss America Organization.

Not only are contestants and titleholders on a local, state, and national level mentally strong in terms of knowledge and witt, but they’re physically in optimal shape.  Why?  Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit is one of the phases of competition and women prepare diligently for it.  It’s not simply something we do for fun leading up to the big show, it becomes a way of life.Staying physically active in some way, shape, or form and strengthening our bodies and minds enables us to be the best versions of ourselves.  We push ourselves because we understand that the human body is capable of some pretty miraculous things, afterall we do have the courage to step foot on that stage and it’s not an easy thing to do.

For me, physical fitness has always been a way of life it’s just simply evolved over the years.  I began dancing at the age of five in two and ballet classes before branching out into jazz, modern, and pointe.  I was on my high school’s dance team for two years and was named ‘Junior Captain’ before compacting discs in my lower back and pinching my sciatic nerve (at that point I decided to withdraw myself and regain my strength for studio dance).  I played recreational soccer for a number of years before joining the competitive league, the Wisconsin Rapids Kickers.  Heck, I even played basketball for awhile (I wasn’t the best, but I played nonetheless).  Now I lead a healthy lifestyle by running on a regular basis.  Just weeks ago I completed my fifth half marathon alongside my mom who finished her second and my friend, Liv who ran her first (thanks to my persistence and encouragement).  I’ve also taken a liking to lifting lately, which has always been something I wasn’t fond of.  In the past, I would ALWAYS pick cardio over weights and now they go hand in hand.By setting attainable goals, motivating ourselves, and working hard MAO titleholders increase their strength in so many ways.  We are by no means “pageant girls” but rather empowered women seeking another mountain to conquer!

     #likeaMAOwoman      #MarComScholarship      #MissWisconsin


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