Tickets, Tickets, Get Your Tickets!

Trying to find events to fill up your summer calendar?  Want to watch talented, driven, compassionate women from around the state compete for the chance to serve Wisconsin?

If so, it’s your lucky day!  Tickets for Miss Wisconsin 2017 are now on sale on the Miss Wisconsin website.  Preliminary competition will take place on Wednesday, June 14 and Thursday, June 15-those tickets are only $15 and are available online.


How does preliminary competition work, you ask?  There are 26 total women vying for the job of Miss Wisconsin 2017.  At Miss Wisconsin Prep Day which took place on Saturday, April 22 (SEE: Miss Wisconsin Prep Day post) titleholders chose respective contestant numbers, which split the pool into two groups.  ContestantsThe first 1-13 will have their private, 10 minute interview with the judging panel on Tuesday morning.  They will then compete in preliminary talent and evening gown on Wednesday and swimsuit and onstage question on Thursday.

The second group, contestants 14-26 will have their private interview on Wednesday morning.  Those contestants will compete in swimsuit and onstage question on Wednesday night and talent and evening gown on Thursday night.  Essentially, the two groups alternate in order to provide the audience with a complete production each night.

The Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen pageant will take place on Friday, June 16.  You can purchase those tickets online as well for $20.  At that time, the miss contestants get a little bit of a break, embracing the chance to sit in the audience, relax, and cheer on the teens.

court and kylene
Photo credit: Miss Wisconsin 2016, Courtney Pelot.  Follow her on Instagram @MissAmericaWI

These two lovely ladies are the current Miss Wisconsin (Courtney Pelot) and Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen (Kylene Spanbauer) if you aren’t familiar.  They’ve spent the past ten months or so volunteering throughout the state, sharing their platforms, and making a positive impact on our communities.  So when will a new representative take over the Miss position?  Courtney will crown her successor on Saturday, June 17 at Alberta Kimball Auditorium in Oshkosh.  Tickets for finals are $40 and yet again, are available for purchase online (technology is glorious, isn’t it?).

Come out and support the largest scholarship provider for young women in the country at a local and state level.  Hope to see you there!

Have questions about the show?  Please don’t hesitate to email me!


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