Here Comes The Bride

Sunday, April 30 marked only 97 more days until my sister, Morgan Vanderhei says, “I do.”

Welcome sign was purchased on Zazzle, along with the other framed signs.

My mom and a couple of her bridesmaids and I had been planning the details of her Bridal shower for quite some time now and they all came to fruition.  Thankfully and much to our contentment, she loved everything (couldn’t be happier).  Are you working to plan a bridal shower or wedding event in the upcoming future?  Here are some more photos and details about the day:


All the shower guests absolutely loved the mimosa bar, it was a huge hit!  Highly recommend it.

Surprisingly enough, the lace and burlap runners adorning the tables were also purchased at Walmart (Vintage Burlap and Lace).  One of my favorite aspects, decoration wise of the shower were most definitely the “BRIDE” balloons I got at Party City.  I was able to pre-order them, pay for them ahead of time, and scheduled to pick them up Saturday morning when I left to drive home (so convenient).

The balloons helped create a focal point for the room.IMG_5217IMG_5147IMG_5077IMG_5079Now the countdown to the wedding commences!

We played a classic newlywed game where I asked Andrew questions ahead of time, wrote his answers on large sheets of paper, and had her guess her answers on the spot on a dry-erase board.  All of the guests received the fifteen questions and were able to fill out their guesses prior to Morgan making her guesses, super fun!

My favorite game was without a doubt ‘Bridal Shower Bingo’, played while Morgan was opening gifts.  I purchased the cards off of Zazzle and filled them out myself.  I thought it was a creative, unique game that connected the guests with the bride-to-be while she was opening presents (which let’s be honest, can get kind of boring).  Even better, I got amazing feedback that people thoroughly enjoyed the bingo game.IMG_5118The adorable, lavender bars of soap were shower favors for all the guests that we placed on the tables.  Amy, one of the bridesmaids purchased them from the Good Earth Soap based in Kewaunee, Wisconsin-be sure to check out their Facebook and website for more, homemade products!

Have any more questions?  Feel free to comment below or email me!



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