Miss Wisconsin Prep Day: [✓]

Miss America Prep Day has come and gone and I’m eager for the next two months to pass by (but not too quick).  It was great to be in Oshkosh again and reunite with the Class of 2017, as the excitement only continues to grow for Miss Wisconsin in June.

So what happens at “Prep Day,” you ask?  All titleholders, both Miss and Teen received a schedule in advance slating times when they would perform their talents on stage.  This gives the lighting and sound technicians a chance to test lighting with costumes.  It also provides contestants with an opportunity to mark the stage and get a feel for the environment.  We were also given a taping schedule for production, you’ll just have to wait for the show to see what that entailed!

Sometimes we actually take nice photos that don’t involve puppy Snapchat filters!

Aside from re-connecting, great conversations, dancing, singing, and a lot of energy consuming both Alberta Kimbal High School and the hotel where we spend our time during Miss Wisconsin week in June, all contestants gathered for large meetings with local and state directors to gain insight into the job of Miss Wisconsin and Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen.  At the separate meetings for Misses and Teens, contestant numbers were chosen based on ad sales for the program book.

Let the countdown begin!  Excited to be contestant #15!

I am thrilled to announce I am contestant #15 of the total, 26 women vying for the job of Miss Wisconsin.  I will have my private 10 minute interview with the judges on Wednesday morning followed by competing in preliminary swimsuit and on-stage question on Wednesday evening.  On Thursday night, I’ll perform my talent and compete in evening gown for preliminary completion.  Finals will take place on Saturday, June 17 at Alberta Kimball High School in Oshkosh.

Want to attend?  Purchase tickets here: Miss Wisconsin 2017 Tickets

#Style is always a focus of mine, but it comes bearing a little extra attention when it pertains to choosing my appearance and competition wardrobe.  I absolutely love how chic and comfortable this white midi dress was for both traveling to Oshkosh and making it through a long day.  I only managed to get a little bit of caramel on it, which (thankfully) came off with a Tide-To-Go pen (if you weren’t aware, I’m not the best at keeping white clean).  Shop this look here:

Want to follow along with my preparations and #RoadToMissWisconsin?  Here are my social media sites:



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