Who Doesn’t Love a Sale?

I often joke that I run on “coffee and protein bars” and it’s not far from the truth…Working full-time as a news reporter isn’t necessarily what you thought it would be in college and at other times it’s so much more (I’ll dive deeper into that subject matter at another time).  I’m constantly on the go, especially while balancing a local title within the Miss America Organization and preparing for Miss Wisconsin, but I wouldn’t change it.  One thing that makes my life a little easier is finding great deals, like a 40 percent off sale at Express on Monday.These high waisted dark wash jeggings were only $47.94 thanks to the store wide sale, unfortunately the sale is over.  However, they do have a ‘Buy 1, Get 1’ for $29.90 deal going on right now.  I won’t typically purchase their jeans on a regular basis when they’re full price, but I would advise signing up for the email updates and/or keeping an eye on their store and website for deals.

SHOP THESE PANTS HERE: High Waisted Raw Hem Cropped Jean Leggings ($79.90) I typically do a quick sweep of the store and if something catches my eye, I’ll try it on.  The ‘Ultimate Essential Shirt’ is the original fit and let me tell you…it’s fabulous!  The material is stretchy, breathable, and extremely comfortable.  I snagged this lovely wardrobe piece off the clearance rack for $17.99, so (bad news) you’ll have to go to your local store and look through the sale items to see if there’s still one left in your size.  Good news?  There’s lots of other patterns and colors in the same style, button-up blouse.


Oh and those fabulous black, lace up flats?  I purchased them early fall from TJ Maxx.  They’re unisa and I wear them on a regular basis to work.  Here are some similar styles at a low price:

My new bracelets from New York & Company arrived in the mail today and I couldn’t be more excited!  These adorable gold and light pink beaded gems include a tassel and crystal elephant pendant AND proceeds benefit the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  You can purchase yours for only $16.00 here: NY&C St. Jude Elephant Charm Bracelet.P.S. shout out to the still relatively new Moka Coffee Shop location on South Avenue in La Crosse.  Indulging in my favorite hazelnut latte (whether it be hot, iced, or blended) is helping me get through very early mornings this week.  Praise the coffee Gods, folks!


Stay stylish and spend less my friends


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