#OnTheGo Protein Breakfast Smoothie

A couple weeks ago at a speaking engagement, a woman was telling me how she typically skips breakfast because she’s constantly rushing to get her kids ready and out the door to school before she goes to work.  Although I don’t have children, I expressed how I sympathized with her running around in the early mornings and quite frankly not usually being hungry at that point in time.  I joke on a regular basis that I “run of coffee and protein bars,” but it’s not far from the truth until lunch time rolls around.

One saving grace that still allows me to leave my house on time in the morning, take my breakfast with me, and still get the necessary nutrients (and more) that I need to fuel my body is my daily protein breakfast smoothies.

Breakfast Smoothie

Let’s be honest, the majority of people don’t openly LOVE kale or spinach.  Putting them into the smoothie ensures you’re still getting those veggie vitamins without having to choke it down with a hideous cringe on your face.  I just throw it all into my Hamilton Single-Serve blender, mix everything up, and pour it into my Blender bottle and I’m ready to go!

Have any other questions about the products I use for this recipe?  Comment below!



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