Black & White, And Everything Nice

Style and comfort often skirt a fine line, but if there’s anything I’ve learned over my 23 years it’s that classic colors and styles always work and will never, ever go away.  Remember to focus on the basics of your wardrobe, add small elements of flare, and interchangeable items that can be paired with those basics to create something new and unique.  Black and white clothing items are quite basic, yes I said it…I’m a basic woman today and I’m completely okay with that.  Close Up.jpgoutfitOOTD Tuesday, November 15:

Here’s the details: I wore a layered undershirt with a very old sweater (I’ve honestly probably had since junior high) paired with a patterned skirt and matching black and white heels (falling on the same color spectrum).  If you have multiple solid patterns like I did today, it’s nice to throw a pattern or vibrant color in there somewhere (hence the skirt), to add some depth and dynamic personality to your outfit.

  • J. Crew crystal necklace (For similar styles, SEE: J.Crew:Necklaces)
  • White, button-up collared shirt is “The Essential Shirt” from Express.  A plain collared, white shirt is a staple clothing item in any wardrobe.  It works great underneath a sweater like I wore today or on it’s own paired with a blazer or cardigan. 
  • Black chord sweater is from Steve & Barry’s, purchased years ago.  Stretchy, warm, and cozy; need I say more?
  • Houndstooth skirt is from Banana Republic. I love this skirt because it’s the perfect length, is soft and comfy, and fits good (which is difficult to find).  Not to mention, it’s my roomate’s (shout out to Liv Mercer) so it was free of charge for me to borrow which is always a win in my book!
  • Black, white, and clear heels are from DSW.


img_2958Stay basic and trendy friends,



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