Miss Harbor Cities in Manitowoc

Exploration, engagement, and capturing the essence of the area were the main focus of my short trip to Manitowoc earlier this month.

After work on Monday, May 30 I drove home to Wisconsin Rapids to spend the night before waking up and driving to Green Bay for talent rehearsal with one of my directors, Danielle on Tuesday afternoon. Following a lengthy dance session, I eagerly made my way to Manitowoc for the night. Working a full-time job doesn’t allot much time for travel (especially across the state), but I’ve been able to prioritize, plan, and accommodate my hectic schedule since being crowned Miss Harbor Cities 2016 on March 12. From driving to Wisconsin Rapids (typically as a midway, sleep point), to driving to Milwaukee and back in one day, and making the trek to Illinois to search for my Miss Wisconsin evening gown at Bridal Elegance, I haven’t experienced a”dull day” off of work since early March and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Upon arriving in Manitowoc early Tuesday evening, I was instantly captivated by the shoreline of Lake Michigan. One of my directors, Abbey who grew up in Manitowoc, showed my the submarine museum and shoreline (we enjoyed a little photo session too!).

After wrapping up the lake tour, we had dinner at the Courthouse Pub, ah delicious!  The coconut shrimp were by far some of the best I’ve ever had and that’s saying a lot because I love seafood!  Then it was off to sleep to rest up for a busy day of school visits the next morning.  Wednesday was a crazy, heartfelt day filled with sharing the message I’m most passionate about, my platform. Through “Let’s Talk, Skill Sets 4 Success,” I am actively working to empower the future of Wisconsin for college and career readiness. Courtney Pelot, the current Miss Green Bay Area lives in Manitowoc and already had two reading appearances (correlating with her platform) scheduled for that afternoon, so I invited her to accompany me on my three classroom visits that day. We spoke to a group of more than 70 6th graders about both of our platforms, read to a handful of groups of 1st and 2nd graders, and two eighth classes. It was an exhausting, but exhilarating day sharing the importance of communication and information regarding soft skill sets with all of the students; a message that is not only my degree in college and my now career, but truly my calling and passion in life!I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to represent the beautiful city of Manitowoc as Miss Harbor Cities 2016 and look forward to showcasing that pride on the Miss Wisconsin 2016 next week!XO

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”


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