On The #RoadToMissWisconsin

Packing for Miss Wisconsin week can be a tiresome and rather lengthy process, I get it. I’m also the type of person who starts packing weeks in advance simply because I love packing so much and being organized (anyone else with me on that one?). With that being said, I thought I’d share my packing list with all of you, along with items I have found helpful to have handy during those seven days.

Some ‘odds and ends’ items you may want to pack for the week:

  • Bring a case of bottled water. I’ve learned from titleholders who have competed before me that some contestants have gotten sick or not felt well from what they thought was drinking the water from the hotel’s faucets. This could honestly be from a number of different things, but it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.
  • A couple boxes of your favorite granola bars/protein bars. Between meals and during rehearsals you’re bound to get hungry and a simple snack can go a very long way in ensuring you are as energized as can be. Other food items that are good to have besides granola bars include: fruit that can withstand the week and can be thrown into your bag easily (apples, oranges, pears, etc.), cans of V8 juice and V8 Energy, and single portioned protein shakes (personally, I love Special K).
  • Adhesive sports spray (otherwise known as butt glue). Know that “butt glue” isn’t readily on hand back stage. Many girls will have it (I have a couple) and will usually be more than willing to let you use some. If you want a can of your own and don’t already own one, I’d recommend checking out the nearest sports store.
  • A bag of Colgate wisps. Honestly, these small, portable toothbrushes are a life saver! I’m really particular about my teeth being brushed, whitened, and clean. So I strongly dislike when I can start to feel build up on them after a long day. However, having wisps handy in my purse provides me with a quick, easy way to brush away the plaque while leaving my mouth fresh.
  • Small weights. My kettle bell will most likely be making the trip to Oshkosh with me. Note, there is a workout room at the Comfort Suites, however, it might be nice to have some small hand weights you’re used to in your room for quick workouts at night or in the morning.
  • Your own pillow and blanket. In order to make sure you get optimal amount of sleep, bringing your own pillow and blanket isn’t a bad idea. If you’re used to sleeping on a specific pillow, like memory foam, chances are you won’t get a good night’s rest without it.
  • Earplugs/headphones. If you need complete silence to sleep, packing earplugs or headphones may be a smart move. There always a nice “just in case” item if you find out your roommate snores and is keeping you awake.
  • Superglue. Inevitably, things break, straps snap, clips come undone, and earrings fall apart and it’s okay. Why? Because if you don’t have superglue someone else will and it’s not the end of the world. The judges are looking at you as a person, not so much the earrings you’re wearing. If you can’t fix them, swap them out for a different pair. (This happened to me last year during finals with my evening gown earrings and I just ended up wearing another pair. Yet another lesson, pack extra jewelry JUST IN CASE.)
  • Oil absorbing sheets. If you’re anything like me, the moment you get warm, the sun shines down on your face, or you simply endure a long day…your face gets oily. Have no fear! Grab a pack of oil absorbing sheets from the store before departing for Oshkosh (I love Clean & Clear) to keep in your tote during the week. The portable pack will remove any excess oil, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day.
  • A Tide To-Go pen. Dropping lunch on your shirt, spilling a little bit of a drink, or getting make-up on your outfit for the day isn’t something you plan, but it’s good to prepared. Throwing a small, Tide to-go pen into your bag will save you unneeded stress if an accident does occur.
  • A camera. Bringing a camera with aside from your phone OR make sure your phone storage is cleared off. You will be taking A LOT of pictures, the memories are important, be ready to capture the moment.

ON 1. Miss Wisconsin 2016 Show Logo

Necessary items to ensure you have in your suitcase: (Note: items that are italicized are things you will most likely want at the auditorium and things in normal text are items you will most likely want at the hotel.)

  • Royal blue opening number top
  • Black opening number bottoms
  • Heels for opening number
  • Opening number jewelry
  • Swimsuit and heels
  • Swimsuit jewelry
  • Butt glue
  • Baby wipes (to wipe off the butt glue and any unforeseen make-up)
  • Talent dress/costume
  • Talent heels/dance shoes
  • Talent jewelry
  • Evening gown and heels
  • Evening gown jewelry
  • Post-Preliminary Competition Outfit/Dress (2 needed)
  • Post-Preliminary Competition jewelry and heels
  • Hairspray, bobby pins, ponytails (if needed)
  • Strapless bra/adhesive bra needed for competition wear
  • A robe (nice to cover up with back stage)
  • Merchants Dinner dress and heels
  • Merchants Dinner jewelry (small clutch?)
  • A couple pairs of flats and sandals
  • Comfy wedges for casual outfits during the week
  • Six pairs of shorts, pants, and/or skirts of your choosing
    • I pick out different shorts with corresponding jewelry. I also like to pack a pair of pants whether it’s jeans, boho print pants, or print capris for a variety of options.
  • Workout clothes and tennis shoes
  • Sweats for sleeping (comfy clothes for hotel)
  • A tote to transport smaller items between the hotel and auditorium
  • Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen pageant outfit and heels
  • Undergarments (underwear, a few sports bras, and a couple regular bras for during the week)
  • A few light jackets or sweaters for rehearsals (I usually bring a light cargo jacket, cardigan, or my jean jacket)
  • Hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc.)
  • Hair products (hairspray, hair brush, teasing brush, root pump, etc.)
  • Make-Up
  • Sunglasses
  • Crown and sash
  • Autograph cards and markers/pens
  • Phone charger
  • Laptop and laptop charger

Take a deep breath…

And remember, it’s okay to wear sandals and give your feet a break from heels during the week. It’s also perfectly acceptable to let your earlobes rest by putting in some small stud earrings instead of big dangles (or not wearing earrings at all to rehearsals during the day). If there’s something you forget, there will most likely be a contestant that can help you out, or a director or board member who can run and get you what you need. Take naps when and where you can, your body and mind will thank you later in the week. Most importantly, be yourself and enjoy the week.


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