‘Skinny shaming’ needs to stop

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a skinny shaming comment in my lifetime thus far, I would be filthy rich by now. Not exactly sure what I mean by “skinny shaming?” Stop for a moment and think, have you ever heard someone say, “Eat a cheeseburger.” or maybe you, yourself have uttered the words, “Put some meat on your bones.” After talking with friends and discussing how irritating, downright hurtful, and abnoxioualy annoying some of these comments can be I decided it was time to shed light on this issue.

First of all, this nonsense needs to stop, right now. Would you walk up to someone and say, “Put that cheeseburger down, you don’t need that.” Or “You’re so fat, you should eat less,” let me answer that for you…no you wouldn’t. So why on God’s earth do people feel it’s okay to skinny shame? Telling someone, “You’re so skinny, you clearly don’t eat a lot by the looks of you,” is simply rude and unnecessary. For example, just last week I was out in the community working and talking to these two lovely older women. We were discussing the great restaurants our area has to offer and the one looks at me and says, “Well by the looks of you, you don’t eat a lot anyways.” I instantly could feel the tension and anger building up inside of me and proceeded to politely answer the way I always do, “I actually eat a lot, thank you. I’m a dancer and a long-distance runner so a lot of the times I consume extra calories so I have enough energy for my runs.” Wow, I thought to myself after I said goodbye to the women, I am so tierd of hearing those comments.

After being targeted for her thin build, Kendall Jenner Tweeted, “What people need to realize is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat. It’s not a nice feeling.” I have been thin my entire life, I cannot help the way God created me and I am sick and tierd of hearing constant skinny shaming remarks. I eat the amount of food I should and sometimes I consume more calories when I’m endulging in a sweet treat or preparing for a race. I don’t by any means deprive my body of the nutrients I need so stop making assumptions and judgements as if you know me and my lifestyle.

Bottom line is that body shaming in any context is not okay. As a society we need to make ourselves more aware of how our words play an everlasting affect (positive or negative) on those around us. Whether comments are being made about someone who appears to be thin needing to eat more or calling someone overweight, both scenarios are hurtful and uncalled for. Next time, think twice before you comment on someone else’s body; your words are more destructive than you think. “Yes I am skinny, no you don’t have to tell me to eat more.”

Dear society,

I am thin, healthy, happy.

Don’t tell me to eat more. 

Don’t tell me to gain weight.

Don’t push your ideals on me.

I’m perfect and content the way I am and I don’t need your approval.


Thin people


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