There She Is-Genuine, Compassionate, and Attainable

As most of you know, last night Miss New York, Kira Kazantsev was crowned Miss America 2015. This marks the third year in a row that Miss New York was crowned and the first time in the scholarship program’s history that the same state titleholder has won consecutively that many years.

Kira Announcement

Instantly after crowning, my news feed and the internet were flooded with negative comments and harsh judgement surrounding Kira’s win and more specifically her talent selection. I have to say everyone’s blunt disapproval of Kira’s talent performance to Pharrell William’s song “Happy” while performing the infamous cup song upsets me a little bit. I understand it was not a traditional dancing or singing performance, however, she does have a good voice. This song may not have showcased her true vocal ability as well as another would, but it made her extremely relatable to the audience; as any titleholder and especially a Miss America should be. There she sat cross-legged on the stage and drummed out the beat of Happy on live television while she belted out Pharrell’s hit song. She undoubtedly captured the audience’s attention along with all of the television viewers across the world. This talent choice was extremely fun and attainable to individuals’ of all ages, as she stated, “I just see all the smiles of every single nine-year old that is hopefully going to be watching my talent later. If I can inspire that little creativity, then that smile is what’s in my mind.”

Kira Talent

Aside from the talent portion of competition, she absolutely rocked swimsuit and looked classy with a fashion forward edge in evening gown. I love the fact that she stated she loves to embrace fashion trends but interpret them with her own personal twist. She stays true to herself and that is what this organization is all about! Follow this girl on Instagram and Twitter and you will instantly feel as though you know her through the way she markets herself. She embodies the real characteristics this organization prides itself on with a modern, girl next door twist. Overall, I believe the success the Miss New York titleholders have had over the past three years is a true testament to the volunteers and directors of their program. They have helped prepare their girls to appear very down to earth, well-spoken, and poised. 

2015 Miss America Preliminaries Day 3kira crowning 2

As for her interview, well just from listening to Kira’s On-Stage question answer you can bet her private interview with the judges was on point. She is a first-generation American who can speak fluent Russian and has taken Spanish courses. Her passions and experiences have clearly diversified her outlook on life and society. Her personal platform, “Love Shouldn’t Hurt: Protecting Women Against Domestic Violence,” is near and dear to her heart. Kira, was involved in an abusive relationship during college, and explained, “I want people to stop asking, ‘Why doesn’t she just leave?’ Every woman is an expert in her own case, and there are so many extenuating circumstances that lead to a woman staying with her abuser.”She had three majors at Long Island’s Hofstra University including; political science, global studies and geography. Um, yes you heard that right she had THREE MAJORS! Most of us struggle with balancing one, talk about determination and impressive time management skills. She has dreams of going to law school and has already been accepted into a few programs. There is no doubt in my mind that she will do an exceptional job serving as Miss America 2015 and I cannot wait to follow her journey this year.

Kira Announcement 2Kira Crowning


One thought on “There She Is-Genuine, Compassionate, and Attainable

  1. I completely agree Tianna. It seems like every year, people find a way to criticize the newly selected Miss. America. Last year with Nina it was racist criticism, this year it’s about Kira’s talent. Why do people feel they can write such hateful comments on social media? I personally loved Kira’s performance. It was a breath of fresh air after watching the traditional singing, dancing, and piano performances. She went out there and showed off her bubbly and happy personality; there is nothing wrong with that.

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